3D material not showing up in zappar

Hi, I’ve been trying to import a 3D model that looks fine in 3D software that I’m using (Maya & blender) and 3D viewer,

but once I uploaded it in zaps studio, some of the material missing and it auto-assign to different material and it caused issues on the AR experience. where some parts of the model become black.

in the 3D viewer, this is how it looks like

now some of the meshes texture/material is gone
I’m using .glb file

is there any solution for this?

Hi @truexrco,

It looks like the lighting / material setup might need tweaking a little. Could you share the model, either on this thread or to support@zappar.com and we’ll take a look?


Hi, George

I might not be able to share the model because the model is from my client. and it’s not shareable.

I already put lighting in zaps (like the gravity light and environment light) and when I upload it in zaps it looks fine at first, but once its published and go to experience webAR, the mesh becomes black.

is there any thread of solution that has the same issues?

Hi @truexrco,

Sorry I missed this. Did you have any luck?