3D Image Help!


HI! I need help ASAP!

I am trying to set up a Zapcode with a 3D logo that links quickly to a URL to use on a direct mail piece to qualify for the current USPS postal incentive.

When I create in Designer, my logo is not 3D and when I create in Studio, I get an error every time I scan the code that I am not connected to 3G or WiFi (even tho I am).

I’d LOVE some help knocking this out today. I’m sure it it more simple than I am making it!


Hi @chelsey. As you have discovered Designer does not support 3D models at the moment. In Studio the error you are describing sounds like it has not been published. When you preview in Studio does it work? If you could share your project someone might be able to take a closer look and assist.


I would LOVE help! I am out of my element here. I’ve watched the videos, but probably still doing EVERYTHING wrong!

I can get Designer to work for me, but for this incentive, we have to have a 3D element.

I very simply just want my logo to appear as 3D to meet the USPS incentive requirements) when the Zapcode is scanned and then when clicked, have it go to our website (https://go.rsvpadvertising.com/). I have not been able to get what I create in Studio to publish to my Zapcode, even when selecting it and publishing.

NOTHING fancy….but obviously, I am having trouble on my own.