360 with touch


Hallo to everybody, i have a little problem with a 360 panorama with Touch… I have made some hot spot, but i do not succeed in making these hotspot following the touchplane when i rotate it by touch and not by moving the device…
Any advice?


I think i solved it… just a relative to…


just have the same problem. how did you solve it? Thank you for your help.


Hallo Sebastian,
it’s simple i just made the hotspots relative to the photosphere…


Hello Luca,
Ok, you built your photosphere yourself. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy with the setup from Zapp.
How did you manage to move the normal photosphere with your finger. Have been looking for a solution here for ages.
Do you have a tip for me?
Greetings from Frankenstein City - Ingolstadt :wink:


Hi Sebastian,
just import the 360 video with touch Symbol into your own project and look at the script… I just copied some lines and made some adjustments…
greetings from the Pope city…


Hey Luca,
Thanks a lot! The tip was great! It works!
Beautiful evening!