360 video with interactive hotspots


Is there any way that I can create a 360 video with interactive hotspots using zappar studio?


Hi There,

You can indeed, the first step would be to take a look at this forum post which discusses interactive hotspots within a photosphere as the principal is the same - Gyro-oriented experience

For 360 video I’ve put together a rough implementation built on the standard video player template that will hopefully one day make it into the Studio tool as it’s own template. You can find the ZPP here - 360videoplayer.zpp (610.3 KB)

Suggested use is to import this project as a symbol definition before dragging it into the Hierarchy to create an instance of it and then provide a source URL the same way you would the normal video player symbol.

The interaction would need to be added within the symbol however as that is where the photosphere is.

Hope this is useful :slight_smile:



I believe my vr 360 enables me to do that.


I haven’t could [import this project as a symbol definition]. how can i do it? And where can I take video URL?