360 Environment | Camera Issues


I am experimenting with an AR experience where users have an option to go inside the model. I have a few issues/questions.

First what is the best way to reset the orientation so when you enter the 360 Environment it always faces the same Y rotation no matter where the camera/device is oriented before entering?

I am seeing camera clipping any time objects get close to the camera. Is there a way to control the clipping, or do I need to scale up/down the model to make it work?

I have tried adjusting the Camera Transform > Focal to change the FOV in the 360 Environment, but having no luck seeing different results.



This should help with resetting the orientation.
12. Reset the headset heading

  1. Reset the headset heading
    When an AttitudeOrient node is used, the heading (i.e. north, east, south, west) will depend on the direction the user is facing. It’s often useful to reset the heading of the AttitudeOrient node so that the user faces down the negative Z axis. This is used here to ensure that the user is presented with a consistent view at the start of the experience.

Drag the ‘attitudeOrient’ node from the Hierarchy into the ‘show’ script, outside and before the function. When releasing select ‘Insert local variable’.

In the Hierarchy, select the show script to open it. Within the function, add the following command:

< nameofvariable >.resetHeading();

As for the clipping I found any thing closer then .01 (I think) starts to clip.
You may have to scale to over come this. The Camera Transform just zooms in or out the photo your looking at not the models.



Adding that back in (had a project that got corrupted where nothing was visible, but the target) and looks like I never put the AttitudeOrient code in.



So one other question is there a way to mask objects inside an object? Say I had a box and when the geometry is in there it can’t be seen, but when moved outside it is visible.


EDIT: Nevermind figured it out using planes and the material alpha.


Okay that didn’t work. In Zapworks Studio the content is masked out, but on publish nothing is blocked. So for now I guess I will have to use a square mask and reset the heading so users are looking from the view I want to do a reveal animation.


can you explain more what you’re looking for. I think I understand but want to check first.



On view you seen nothing after scanning the zapcode. On target seen an animation plays raising a building through the target/table. On target not seen the building snaps to camera and the user can examine it by rotating their phone.

There are 2 buttons.

  1. Takes you inside the building (360 Environment).
  2. The other replays the animation.

Currently if you are looking at the back of the building and play the animation you can see everything animated, nothing is masked.

Make sense?


Ok so your trying to hide the building model as it comes up thru the target. rightnow you can see the model if looking from the back as it plays the animation.

So you can’t see the model when looking from other side?



That is correct.


That are you using for your target?
Is it just a plane or is it a 3d model?

What order is it in your hierarchy? ( on the left)



you want something like this.

Thyssenkrupp - Elevator Tech


In short this is what I am seeing:

I would prefer a way to mask what is seen in the second image by some geometry.

Here is the hierarchy (names blurred to protect the innocent :wink:):


ok do you have 2 tracking images listed? (the zpt)?

photo 1 is from one side and 2 is from the back?

FYI: any 3d model can be used as a mask. The round and square mask are just flat 3d models with holes in them.



How do I use any 3d model as a mask?


Just added it like any model and set its Opacity to 0 under the color properties. Then just have it in the right order in your hierarchy.