2D Photo Feature Preview Image


I have created a 2D photo feature that works fine, but the zappar preview that shows how to move and size the object, shows the 3D robot. Is there a way to change that to my 2D image?


Hi @craigsfanpages,

We have replied to your email directly but will also post our response on here in case the answer will help others.

The 2D photo feature instructions image is located in the ‘instructions’ subsymbol under the object group. As seen below -

Replacing the ‘objSelector’ and ‘obj’ objects will change the image shown on the instructions screen.

Hope this helps!



in which soft whare .these tyes on pictures are made


Hi @jackharrywa,

This experience was made with ZapWorks Studio. You can download it from here. Be sure to check out our documentation site too.

All the best,