2D, 3D and Zapbox Zaps! (by flyAR)

We’ve been doing lots of Zaps lately, here are a few of our favourites :slightly_smiling_face:

Visualisation of a park area for the city of Vantaa

Zapbox-project showing pointcloud data

Zapbox/Zappar city demo with buildings generated using a node-based building generator

Simple flyer for a VR arcade

Skatepark visualisation (demo we did for our pals at Windmill Skateparks because skateboarding rocks!)

Packaging augmentation for a great finnish product called Pulled Oats

Check out our site at https://flyar.fi/en , some of the project pages have the images that you can zap :sunglasses: Let us know what you think!


On your zapbox video (2nd one) can you tell me where did you find the 3d model for the controller you are using?


Thanks! That controller model was custom designed and created by our talented 3D artist Sebastian. He also designed and animated the sci-fi table under the point cloud. Of these videos, only the skatepark model we got from elsewhere and even that model required some modifying (skp --> blender --> unwrapping and textureing --> pod) for it to look smooth.

Awesome work Frans, love the easter egg in the building :stuck_out_tongue:

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