2 Questions about scripting video


So I have a video that is applied as a material to a plane. What do I need in my script to have it start playing only when the plane becomes visible?

So basically I have a controller on my video plane to turn its visibility on and off. I don’t want the video to play until the visibility of the plane is turned on. Right now my video begins playing as soon as the ZapBox experience launches even though the plane’s visibility is off. I can hear the audio even though I don’t see it. I am using an MP4 that I loaded directly into Zapworks studio.

Also, I want the video to pause on the last frame when it ends.

This is all the scripting I have on my plane.

const Part_1_mp4 = symbol.nodes.Part_1_mp4;



Figured it out!


Glad you figured it out, Brad. Would you mind sharing with us what you did?