Universal AR

React for ThreeJS React is an open-source library for building user interfaces using UI components. With Universal AR and Zappar React for ThreeJS, it is possible to create amazing WebAR experiences with React-Three-Fiber, a React renderer for ThreeJS. Unity You can build AR content featuring Zappar’s world-leading computer vision technologies in Unity, targeting iOS, Android and WebGL. A-Frame A-Frame is an open-source framework for building WebXR using HTML and entity components. With Universal AR and A-Frame, it is possible to create WebAR without having to write JavaScript. ThreeJS Three.js is a popular JavaScript library and API used to create 3D animated content for the web. Start creating WebAR content today by integrating Zappar’s computer vision APIs with three.js. JavaScript Build experiences in WebGL and pure JavaScript using Universal AR via our native JavaScript SDK.
🎉 Announcing the new Mobile Only package for UAR! [Universal AR] (1)

Hello everyone! :wave: We hope that you are all well and keeping safe. We wanted you to know that we have recently released a fantastic supporting package that can be integrated into projects that use our Universal AR …

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