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Allow transparent areas of trained image to be ignored when tracking (4)
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Image analyzer outside of Designer (3)
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Folders for controllers (5)
Guide layers / "Don't include when publishing" flags (1)
Could you let us access the shear components of an object's xform matrix? (1)
Programmatically set up timeline (4)
Seamless audio looping please :) (and better ways to sync too) (1)
WebAR on iPhones in landscape is awful - could you put the Zap toolbar on the side? (1)
Standard tools in Studio: Cut/Copy/Paste, multiple selections, Save As..., Open (1)
Device using? (8)
Pls mute (or give us the option to mute) that bzzt bzzt when the Zappar app finds a zapcode (1)
New "reset_3d" Layer Mode (the missing one!) so we can do per-object/group masking (5)
Geolocation (4)
Embed iFrame / HTML frame (13)
Help with photo gallery (2)
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Support for Multiple Targets ( 2 3 ) (44)
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