ZapWorks Studio: Importing 3D models from Adobe Stock


Hey All,

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to take a 3D model from Adobe Stock and bring it in to ZapWorks Studio so it can be used in your AR experience.

Adobe Stock are currently offering 1 month free trial when you sign up, allowing you to download up to 10 models completely free. All the models that we have downloaded internally are in the OBJ format, and have imported seamlessly to ZapWorks Studio.

You can check the video out below before we put it up on the documentation site and for more information on importing 3D models in Studio, please see our 3D documentation.

If you haven’t already, you can download Studio here.




I followed the tutorial, and it worked great for me.

I’m started exploring around, making my own 3D object in Photoshop and export them in .obj. And then I successfully convert them into a POD file which can be displayed in Zappar.

But when I add an animation in the Photoshop 3D file there is happening something but the video is not displaying at all. When I preview the POD in PVRShaman, I can press the play button for the animation but it is just not showing anything.

Could you help me, how to export it from Photoshop to make it visible as an animation?
Just like you did with your POD-example robot.

Thank you,



For the sake of anyone else with a similar question, this conversation has continued here - Convert 3D object with animation to POD not working