[ZapBox] Set focus manually on Android


My Android Phone (OnePlus2) has issues focusing.
Pressing the autofocus button when 1-2meters away locks the camera in a blurred state.
It would be great to have a way to manually set the focus, if the autofocus lock fails.
I think the autofocus lock will always fail on some andoid devices, so a manual setting would be great!

Some feedback in which state the camera is would also be nice (e.g. change Button color with locked autofocus/short exposure)

Device: Oneplus 2, Android 6.0.1
ZapBox App Version: 1.3 from PlayStore
Camera is cappable of setting AutoFocus&Short Exposure

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Yup, good thought. That’s also the way to persist the focus setting between camera restarts, whether it was found by AF or manually.

I also take your point on the user feedback; just hasn’t had much work on it as the toolbar is really a temporary solution and we eventually want to manage at least the exposure stuff automatically.


Btw, is the difficulty focussing just when the lens adapter is attached, or also without it?

Are you able to get a clear image with the adapter through a camera app that lets you manually set focus?


Difficulty focussing is just with the lens adapter! without it’s fine.
With a little hassle I alligned the adapter properly but still no good results.

Manually setting focus with a camera app works with lensadapter (and without)


Thanks for the info, it’s good to confirm that adding manual focus control would fix the problem.

I’ll add it to the list. Longer term we’ll implement our own auto-focus behaviour using the tracking data from the pointcodes, but just exposing the manual API is probably easier in the short term.