Z.AttitudeOrient specific heading?


Hi, I’m wondering if it’s possible to get/set the orientation of a Z.AttitudeOrient node?
In order to set an initial orientation other than the resetHeading()…

Thank you,


I don’t think so. It maybe better to move your world around then try to move the camera.



Hi Jean,

One thing that might help is using the Reset view setting in Studio. This lets you know what resetHeading() leaves the user seeing after they scan the code and you can use it to line up your content.


Using a photosphere example I can reset the view and then rotate the photosphere to change where the user will be looking in the photosphere at the beginning (assuming you are calling resetHeading() in a script somewhere when the experience launches e.g. the show script)

Hope this helps.



Hi, Steve and Mark, thanks for your answer. Love the reset trick for the photosphere. Unfortunately, because I’m using a 3D environment in which the user could be in different locations, I have to go with the rotation and translation of the whole scene. Thanks again! :slight_smile: