Where are Studio Project Files Stored?


I’m new to Studio and one of the first things I noticed is that I don’t seem to have any control over where my projects are saved. I can appreciate that I don’t have to manually save the project while I am working on it but I’d still like to save it in a specific location. All of my other development projects are saved to a NAS RAID5 partition and then backed up to the cloud. This way I feel safe that I won’t lose any of my development projects.

So, where are studio project files stored?

Thanks for your help.


Hi Dennis,

Regardless of platform (Windows or Mac) you can find the project file location in the .zapparstudio directory in your home directory (you might need to show hidden files on your computer to see this).

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Sorry it’s taken a while for me to reply and thank you for the information Sebastian.

I see that the project files are stored exactly where you referenced.

Is there any way that I can control where they are stored by Studio? I didn’t see any kind of configuration file or mechanism that would allow me to store the files where I prefer them to be. My preference is to store them with other important software development files on a local RAID5 NAS array which is backed up to the cloud. I just need a way to specify my preference on where the Studio file need to be stored.

Thanks again for you help,