What will happen if you put a few zapcodes together?


Hi everyone!

I do hope somebody has tried doing something like this before :slight_smile:

I’m very curious what will happen if, say 4 zapcodes are presented equally within Zappar’s camera. Will it pick up one zapcode randomly? If so, say if each zapcode=tracker image and I put 4 zapcodes on my postcard then each time my friend scans the postcard the app will unlock a random content from the 4 contents? It can be quite exciting!

With that being said, of course I’m gonna experiment a bit and if nobody has an answer soon I will come back with some updates later!


That sounds cool but you could just make 4 different things and have one zapcode just randomly pick which one play’s


Hi there,

The Zappar app will display the content of the zapcode that focuses in the camera view first, but we don’t recommend this use.

As Steve mentioned, you might want to try a method that gives you more control by randomising the content displayed within a single experience.

The following tutorial should be handy, as it describes how to create randomisation functionality in your experience.

Using Math.random()

Hope this helps.

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