WebAR Video not working


It work with yours url, but I could change it and not work a put http but it not working, and come back with your url and work.

My url work with the app


I even tested your code with my videos and get the same error. @George I know we need https but is there anything else?



I Have the same pb here, only local files are working in webAR but ok in Zappar… any help would be welcomed.


Same problem here.
Streamed videos only work on the Zappar App, and not on WebAR.

EDIT : solution was here, thanks to Zappar Support :
Videoplayer not working on WEB AR?


I am a newbie. I have been experiment launch for real, I plan to upgrade to a business plan.

However, I am not seeing it work on iphone 8+ (OS 13). It works great and quick on my S9+ (Android Version 9).

My project along with the examples provided by you Set 2019 with the Iphone 8+ takes a long time to unlock and once it does the videos do not play. My S9+ unlocks quickly and plays all videos without issue including my own project.

I have the .mp4 file in an AWS S3 bucket which is referenced in my project in a group object that is a child of the target image. See image…
Please help…