Viewing contents offline


Are we able to make the contents available offline after we have scanned the zapcode and viewed the contents once?


Loading content in background/linking to other experiences

Hi Kevan,

When an experience is scanned by the Zappar app it is downloaded and cached to the device, meaning the experience doesn’t need to be re-downloaded for any subsequent scans.

This functionality also means that the experience would be available while offline, as long as it had previously been scanned on the same device.

However, if the app’s cache is cleared then the experience will have to be scanned and downloaded again.

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Thanks Sebastian.

I used Google Pixel 2 (Android 8.1.0) and Samsung K-Zoom (Android 4.4.2) to zap the codes and then saved them to the favourites folder. When both mobiles go offline, only Samsung K-Zoom is able to retrieve the AR content created using widget tool. AR content created using designer tool is not retrievable. As for Google Pixel 2, it is unable to retrieve any AR content when it goes offline. The app’s cache for both mobiles were not cleared during the testings.


Hi Kevan,

Thanks for the quick response, and apologies for not being clear.

The ‘caching an experience to the device’ functionality is designed to prevent the need to re-download data each time an experience is scanned (reducing data usage and wait times), and doesn’t always mean that an experience can be launched from the app without scanning the code.

This is due to the fact that Designer (and many Studio) zapcodes rely on the device’s camera detecting the zapcode/target image to display content.

Could I please check if, after launching the Designer experience from the menu, you’re aiming the device’s camera at the tracking image?



Thanks Sebastian.

I am now able to retrieve the experience with Google Pixel 2 when it goes offline. The retrieved experience retains on the screen after the device’s camera is off the tracking image.