Video only shows when you get really close to the target image


I have a Plane with the material of a MP4-Video, that should be shown when the target image is detected.
It’s important that it works with a target image that is far away. So when i scan the image from afar it is detected and the sound of the video is playing, but the plane with the actual video only shows up if i get really close to the target image.

Does anyone have similar problems or an idea what causes this behaviour? The target image is obviously detected, since the audio is playing.

Thank you a lot.

Can I use my Snapcode as target?

Hi there,

It’s possible that the code is detected from the distance you are at (and the experience is unlocked) but the target image is not detected. For this the best thing to do is to use the ‘onseen’ target event for playing the video, this should make sure that the video starts playing only when the target is seen.

For more information on target events you can see our tutorial video here -

In general we advise experiences to be designed that don’t require the user being far away from them as the tracking will always struggle to remain consistent the further you travel from the image.