Using the photofeature2D subsymbol - call instructions later


I have the photofeature2d.zpp as a subsymbol that is activated when the trigger is no longer seen in my zap. So when they go off the trigger the subsymbol shows up and they can scale and adjust the image that comes up. Works great. Problem is I want the instructions for that photofeature2D subsymbol not to activate until the subsymbol is called with the trigger not seen event. Right now the instructions are the first thing to pull up when zapped. I see where they are, I see the script where they are being activated, I just don’t know how to change the call for them so they happen when the subsymbol activates on the trigger not seen event.

Any direction you could provide would be cool. Thanks so much.



Are the instructions inside the subsymbol?


Yes. The script is actually in a subsymbol of the subsymbol. The first subsymbol is the phofeature2d and the second is instructions.