Transfer zapcodes from trial account to pro account?


I tried sending an email to but I had this error:

Could not be delivered because of

Server refused mail at END OF DATA - 554 5.4.6 Hop count exceeded - possible mail loop

Could I please have the zapcodes transfered from one account to the other? I need this sorted asap today please.



Hi Steve,

Looks like the email address was slightly misspelt, you can get in touch at

I believe my colleague Daniel sent you an email earlier today to confirm the zapcode transfer, could you please get back to him as soon as you can?



Hi Seb. I did contact Daniel and asked him to transfer the codes but not heard anything back yet. Thanks. Steve


Hi Seb. Can the transfers be done? Nothing showing up still…


Hi Steve,

Dan’s received your email so he’ll respond to you through that channel.

All the best,