Timeline problem in Zappar 5


Hello everyone,

I noticed a bug in Zappar 5 and it’s a little bit annoying because it stucks the creation process, because you have to close the Zappar and Open it again and sometimes it makes your project go away :frowning:

The bug is:

When you create two states and try to throw a timeline between then or even create with the right click of mouse on a state, the Zappar returns an empty timeline and a daisy, forcing you to close it and open.

When close and open the timeline stills there, so you just erase it and create other then works.

Don’t know what cause this but this happens everytime.

att, Higor.

EDIT 1: I’ll remove the post by now, because I did some battery of tests and without a reason this inssue stopped. I’ll put this post back if the bug backs.

EDIT 2: Don’t know why but I can’t remove this post, lol.

EDIT 3: Post reoppened. The problem still persisted during the day.


Hey @higor,

Thanks for posting, we’ve had a couple of users report this issue.

Our team is currently working on a solution, so I’ll keep you updated on this one too.

All the best,


Hello @Seb,

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll be watching this!

att, Higão :slight_smile: