The Magic Letters Book Store


Just finished my target image for this story.

On to the next stage…


Nice target image Steve! Can’t wait to see what is behind that door :smile:

I would be careful stretching the zapcode though, its not recommended practice. Worth checking out this article that discusses customisation of zapcodes.


Feel free to poke your head in the door and have a quick look around.
Just looking in for now!!


The store is open!!!


Hi Steve,

That looks awesome!

The competition judges are definitely going to have a hard time.

I can’t wait to see what our other users have come up with, good luck to everyone!



Very cool. You did an awesome job!


Congrats to Hamed Miri! I would have picked yours as well!

Thank you Tom and Anna for your input. I think I may add more to the store later.
It was a lot of fun making them.