Thanks for Studio 5


Woohoo! The Actions and Dynamic Lighting are solid GOLD! Thanks guys.


Thank you for the kind words. If you guys have any actions you would like us to add please let us know :slight_smile:


I think you’re probably iworking to mplement it, but it would be very very useful if there were drag actions.

I find that scripting touch and drag events is cumbersome, and it would be so convenient to have a ondrag and even (dare I suggest it) 3D rotation and zooming with multitouch gestures.

I know these are available in a subsymbol, but sometimes I want these all on their own.


Hi @cravend,

We’re certainly looking at ways we can expand our ‘Actions’ functionality, though we’re still in very early stages (as we’ve just released the update), but we’ll definitely look into this.

Thanks again,