Support for Multiple Targets


All a learning curve, Jason - sure you’ll get there with it. Know everyone here will help out however we can :).


Thanks a lot James, really appreciate it. Seems like a nice community.


So im still working on it. Im stuck at the root stage of this.

function myRepeatingFunction() {
var imageSeen1 = symbol.nodes.Track1.nodes.Script.getStatus();
var imageSeen2 = symbol.nodes.Track2.nodes.Script.getStatus();


Z.every(2000, myRepeatingFunction);

Any more help would be great.

Thanks all.


1 - First, the sub symbols are not added to the hierarchy, but loaded dynamically.

var trackingImageDisplayed = Z.Symbol(« symbol_1_name »);

2 - Then call your repeating function to check if the loaded symbol is seen or not:

var trackingImageFound = trackingImageDisplayed.nodes.code.getStatus();
     if (trackingImageFound ) { ... }

3 - If not, then you unload the current symbol, by clearing its parent group:


4 - Now, you can load the next one… ( goto 1 :grin: )

The whole process is not complicated, but for sure it’s easier is you are comfortable in JS.
May be you should try first to dynamically load then unload a symbol.



Just posted my code for my Multi Tracking Image.



Hey Steve this is great! Thank you! The page seems to not be loading correctly though. Having trouble downloading.


Sorry fixed link.


Thank you Steve for sharing! :grin::+1: