Stereoscopic split screen for mobile - for use headset


Has anyone found a workaround to generate a split screen option, either mirrored content or better still Stereoscopic?
I am interested in using ZapWorks studio to create content for the AR cardboard headset


You may want to look at the help page for more info
Headset 3D
You can use zapworks with Google cardboard.

Do you have an aryzon headset?
I looked at it and didn’t like how it looked. To long I think. I also don’t think you will get as bright of a display as you do with Zapbox.



Hi Steve.

Actually, I will most likely get a Zapbox as well. I am currently trying out a range of devices and AR creative tools.

I am a bit rusty truth be told, I used to do A LOT of work in Metaio, but only recently have similar/comparible products become available again (ZapWorks Studio and LensStudio).

Thanks for the pointer, I will check it out.