Sipsmith Work in Progress


Well, you are right! i’ll do the same just in case.

att, Higor.


I just sent by wetransfer in

Hope it gets there safe!

att, Higor.


@higornevesalves We definitely received yours (the change in screen name threw me there…!).

Thank you so much for all the entries - super excited to start exploring them.


Ok have to ask somethings.
Your cup game. How are you doing the movement? Timelines with a random picker?
And you have a world top score counter. I have been looking in to doing this for other things. What is your backend setup?



Good luck everyone :wink: I have only produced a concept as I couldn’t dedicate time on designing and creating the experience.
here is some of my concept images that is part of the proposal :wink:


Hey all!

Here is my entry which I submitted to the competition. It works on both World Tracking or when it defaults to normal 360 on older phones.

It really is just a concept, and loads more can be expanded on. I meant to add a lot more to the “Ar Screen”, and have the design be more interactive.

I’ll keep it short, but here’s some descriptions of possible improvements and ideas:

  1. Add more details to the 3d bottle. Labels and “embossed” glass swan and text on the back.

  2. Create more elaborate intro before the World tracking launches, with nice animations by using the bottle artwork elements.

  3. AR screen content improvements:
    a. Make video and other elements “bend” with the screen, if possible.
    b. Add further elements like a “about us” or/and “meet the founders” with text descriptions (create parallax effect between photo of person in front and background), general photo section, different product and bottles (use 3d bottle/s in front of screen) and descriptions, interactive recipe section that lets the user add ingredients and make a mix from a shown recipe.
    c. Improve animations, design and interactivity of the “AR Screen” content. Add and combine with “hologram” light effects.
    d. Add more “techy” sounds coming from the screen. And when the screen is interacted with.

  4. Steam sound loop needs to be fixed, it has a brief pause every time the sound clip loops.

  5. There’s a glitch when the valve wheel gets pressed a third time to make the screen close. Needs more troubleshooting as currently it creates a conflict when I reset the “close” timeline.

  6. Add further improvements and options to the face tracked selfie section. At the moment there’s also a small glitch that needs to be sorted, it shows black through the eyes at a certain angle.

  7. Improve 360 video quality by uploading to compatible host. It’s very low res at the moment.

  8. More guidance to the user. Indicating that elements, like the valve wheel, is interactive.

That’s it from me for now. It was fun! Good luck to all!



Nice work! I notice we used the same hat model :joy: I much prefer your version!


Hey Steve!
Happy to answer your questions!

Cup Game:
The animations are indeed all done via timelines. I have a total of four animations under one controller and I randomly pick one to run then chain them together.

World Top Score:
I have an account on where I set up a basic database. I make a GET request for the top score entry and POST all the scores after the game ends. You can definitely expand on this to make some amazing data-driven components, but I kept it really simple for this purpose. :slight_smile:

You can use this tutorial for AJAX requests with Zappar

Hope this helps!


Thank you! Did you have any problems with the GET and POST? I’ve read you need to add I think it was a gateway because android devices didn’t send the data right.



Hey Steve,
I didn’t have any problems. I think you are referring to CORS being enabled. has CORs support when you create access keys for your database.



OK I love that it comes out of the floor! I like the board!



You always have such nice concept art. :grin:



Thank you!!! Now that I have time I’m going to have to play with it!!



Thanks Steve :slight_smile:


Very nice


Be successful


Hi @PLuke @stevesanerd
Thanks for your very nice project and your this guidance.
I want to know could you please guide me for only one-use password that I can execute it in .I want to use this feature in a project that the user can enter to the project for the first time and then he/she dose not need to enter the password but another devices can’t enter the project without another new password we have defined it.
Kind Regards


You know you don’t need to use you can just use Z.Device - store(…) and save a marker that they passed. Let me see what I can make quick for you.



Thanks @stevesanerd
I think you are the king of Zapwork studio


I don’t know about king but thank you.

Try this:
The Keypad sub symbol has a reference called Password.
You enter a 4 digit code that will be used there.

In the Load Script It checks if your device has a saved Locked /Unlocked. Then it shows the keypad if locked or undefined is there.

one-use password Help.zpp (1.5 MB)