Shortcuts sugestions


Hello everyone,

I would like to request (if you guys agree) some kinda of shortcuts to improve the work! As a developer you guys must know that’s very uncomfortable for us to keep clicking in the properties all the time to change details every 15sec. Also, I know that Zappar already has some shortcuts just like X, C, V, B, N and M to change btw scale, rotation and etc, and others like ctrl + alt + s to commit and much more.
Goin straight to the point, is there any possible of implement shortcuts for properties like:

“I want to change the apparence of an object then I must press ctrl + a” - So the Apparence menu open with the options.

I think in this way we keep our screen clean from all those options and make the work more confortable. Don’t know you guys but is very boring/unfortable have to click in everything that we need to change even if is an enable box.
Is this viable for Zappar or you guys already thinked in this but denied for some reason?


Hey Higor,

Great suggestion, definitely something we’d love to hear from the community on.

Please list all your suggested shortcuts and i’ll pass them onto the platform team :slight_smile:



Hello Mark!

I trought you guys have thinked in this before but for some reason just denied the ideia! This is awesome! I was thinking in this since a couple of weeks back when I saw some shortcuts for photoshop, that if you hold alt and click in any item of your table, the tools just change without need to click, open the table and choose. Well. For the shortcut suggest I prefer that you guys choose because for sure Zappar’s members has more time with the tool than me ( I have 4 months of exp ) xD
But just for a start I think the letter than are relative to table with alt or ctrl (even ctrl + alt) maybe solute this. Like:

A - Apparence
B - Behavior
T ( or other bind key because I know that “T” is used as a function in timeline just like “L”) - Transform
O - Other

And for sure a shortcut to open the Final Download Size ( I use it all the time to check if is there any file that I’m not using anymore or that will be not used in project ).
Thx Mark for awnser me and I let the community that who sees this topic please help with useful shortcuts that make the work more confortable! :smiley:


Not a shortcut as such but one really useful feature if you’re working in a timeline or state is that you can click on the property name you want on the left hand side of the timeline/state and that will select the relevant node in the hierarchy panel and also select the property in the properties panel.

Also note there’s a filter on the properties panel so you can type the first few letters of the property you want to narrow it down.

There are undoubtedly more keyboard shortcuts that could be added though and we’re always happy to hear suggestions on that.


Hello @simon,

I was thinking about this post and I wanted to know if Zappar Team has any plans to implant something like netbeans that you write some keys like sout and then press tab to autocomplete the line or like Sublime, Visual Code with all those tab autocomplete functions? :smiley:

Or about something about to come back the arrows in controllers :s

att, Higão.


Hey @higor,

Hope you’re well :slight_smile:

Possible improvements to Studio’s code editing environment are something we’ve discussed internally, but aren’t currently a priority for the release of Studio 6.

We’ll be sure to let you know if/when we have any further information to share regarding this.

All the best,


+1 for more shortcuts! To me it’s really what make a good user experience in professional tools.

  • I’d like to see basic camera navigation on key. (Can be three more keys in same keyboard line “,” “.” “/” right after the tool selection “X” “C” “V” “B” “N” "M ")

  • A nice Wireframe mode with “W”.

  • I really like to be able to Play / Pause my timeline with a “Space bar” (I always mechanically hit my Space bar key after Timeline Edition to see the result :wink:



I add, for the timeline:

“k” for adding a new keyframe at current time (its possible to remove with backspace but not create)
“Ctrl+C” / “Ctrl+V” / “Ctrl+X” shortcuts to allow Copy/Paste/cut in timeline