Resizing a video


Can anybody help?
I am able to import a video on Studio, but when it plays it is wider than I would like. Is there a way within Studio of altering the aspect ratio or cropping the size of the video?


Hi There,

Can you tell us what type of video you are trying to resize, is it a streaming video using the video player or an embedded OGV or MP4?



Hi Mark,

It’s a streaming video. I’m able to embedded if that’s easier to change the size? Quite new to all this, so just following tutorials for instructions at the moment!


The easiest way by far would be to edit the video in video editing software before bringing it into Studio though you can alter the scale of the plane that you are displaying the video on.

If using the video player symbol to stream video then the plane in question is ‘Plane0’ within the subsymbol, however this plane is scaled during runtime to the aspect ratio of the video. You will need to, in script, listen for the resize event fired by the video to know when this change has happened, in order to successfully resize the plane afterward.

This will, however, squash/stretch the video as it is simply rescaling it, there are no options for cropping video within Studio.



thank you for explaining this @Mark -

Two questions:

  1. is it possible to write an example code that wil listen to this resize event and then makes it smaller again so that it matches the size i want it to be? Which should be the size of the videoplayer simbol.

  2. i can edit the video in editing software, but how do we know which size is the one being used in the AR ?

It’s too bad the docs don’t have real use case code examples on the events pages, that would make learning a lot easier! :slight_smile:


In the video symbol i literally took out the resizing code from the show script (going through this script is actually a good learning on how events and listeners are used :slight_smile: ).

myvid.on("aspectratio", (a : number) => {
        symbol.emit("video:aspectratio", a);
        Z.tagCall("resizer", "scale", [a, 1, 1]);
        seekLeftEdge.position([-0.8 * a, 0, 0]);
        seekRightEdge.position([0.8 * a, 0, 0]);
        seekBar.scale([0.8 * a, 0.003, 0]);
    myvid.on("resize", (w: number, h: number) => {
        symbol.emit("video:resize", w, h);
         console.log("RESIZE! " + w.toString() + " x " + h.toString());

this solved the resizing issue. It’s up to the creator (me) to at least make a proper videoframe in the AR experience. But saves a lot of work of re-doing what this snippet does.