Resetting ZapWorks Analytics



We’re using ZapWorks Analytics for our project because we (and our customer) want to see the impact of the project. We’ve used our Zappar-code to test our project, so our Analytics are a bit messed up and are filled with analytics of our test.

We can’t change the code, because the code is already printed.

Is there a way to reset analytics from a certain date? Is it also possible to invite people to view the analytics of a project?



Hi Ferdy,

You can’t reset the analytics data for a zapcode, but you can change the date range for the data displayed on your zapcode’s page.

If you know the date that the zapcode went live, you can show the data from that date onward.

Hope this helps.

All the best,


Hi Seb,

Thanks. That indeed is something I’ve seen indeed. I’ll use that instead. Although I think it would be a nice feature to reset analytics, so you can start with “clean” analytics.



Hey Ferdy,

To answer your other question about inviting people to view the Zap-alytics, you can do that in Settings --> Team Management --> Invite Users.

You can choose to make them an admin or not, either way will work. They don’t need a seat to see the analytics.