Request for code


I was wondering if you would be willing to share the code from the kickstarter page of the mind exploding. It’s the 2nd video under What is ZapBox?
I’m really looking for the controller with the sparkler, the burning wick and the explosion parts.



I’d love to just share all of those simple demos in project form, but the reason we can’t do so is some of them contain 3D assets that we purchased that have licenses that would prevent us redistributing the source assets. Although distributing the project is a bit of a grey area we do tend to err on the side of caution here.

With the Xylophone we built the model in-house and we secured permission for redistributing the audio samples specifically.

I’ll check with the people responsible for the “mind blown” content next week. If memory serves the brain model itself was one we purchased, but I think the fuse and sparkler were made in-house, in which case we could probably strip out the brain and share something.


Thank you Simon.
I understand how content rights go. Maybe if not the code a tutorial on the fuse and sparkler.
I do have the code from the particle effects post. I understand some of it but still not 100%.