PNG Sequence



I am trying to have an animated 3D moose that was created in Maya appear and play with the animation in one of my experiences. Unfortunately, I cannot bring the animations in from Maya so I was wondering if I can import a PNG sequence with an alpha channel into the timeline somehow so it plays like an animation.

Alternatively, can I upload it with an alpha channel as a video? I converted the PNG sequence into a .mov file to maintain the alpha channel, however when I upload it into Zapworks, it flattens the background.

Thank you for your help!


Hi, this is the tutorial to use video with alpha channel:



We now have an updated version of our alpha video tutorial on our documentation site -

The process, however, is a little different compared to your alpha channel mov file.

You can also feel free to send us your Maya 3D model file so we can take a look at why the animations aren’t exporting. You can either upload it here or send it to us directly at if you don’t want to share it publicly. There is a 30MB upload limit here on the forum and a 20MB attachment limit to the support email though so please keep that in mind.