Overlay a subject to a 3D model using the camera


Good evening! Is it possible to overlay a person into a 3D object by using the camera feature? I’m trying to do a selfie with a 3d modelled bedroom but it appears that the subject is at the back of the 3d model. I want it to look like this

Sample Image:


Hi George,

Hope you’re well!

What you could do is add a plane to your hierarchy and use a camera texture as its material.

This plane could then be positioned below your 3D model in the hierarchy so that it appears as an overlay to the scene.

You won’t be able to make the image transparent (as with the png image in your example) however, as the plane will display the camera feed exactly, including any background elements.

I’ve made a little example project based on a template Mark made, as I thought other people could find it useful.

snapshotOn3DModel.zpp (1.2 MB)