Nexus 5X: Known Bug


Just a note here that we know the camera appears the wrong way around on the Nexus 5X - this device has it’s camera sensor rotated 180 degrees from the normal orientation and we don’t cope with this properly at the moment.

It will be fixed in a future update and I’ll try to remember to post a note here when that happens.

Nexus 5X: Knоwn Bug

To clarify: the camera image is the right way up, the zapbox overlay is inverted (at least in my case).


Note: the same problem (or a similar one at least) is true for the OnePlus One. See this image.

Edit: it seems to actually be both the camera view, as well as the overlay that is switched around.


Thanks for the note.

We’ve got a 5x in the office and I suspect it’s the same issue. There’s just a few different places where we need to take the sensor orientation into account and we don’t do it everywhere just yet.

From memory I think this is the current state of play:
Full screen (non-stereo) camera - correct
Tracking images / pointcodes in full screen mode - correct
Calibration grid points - wrong
Gyro motion - wrong
Camera and tracking data in stereo mode - wrong

I’ll post here when we’ve got all that fixed on the 5x and then would be great to get an update on the one plus one @mikkeltheogersen


Awesome, looking forward to it. Didn’t get past the grid calibration; doing the reflection in your head and aligning the overlaid dots to that is hard :-).


Hey Simon, do you have an estimate for when said update could arrive?

Any update here?


I’d hope around mid-August should see a decent android update (performance improvements across the board and fixing some of the device-specific issues people have reported, including this one).


Any update on fixing the inverted screen on nexus 5?

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Any update on fixing this?