Need help getting out of the gate


downloaded this application yesterday, so excuse me if i’m a bit new to the features etc.
I am coming from a 3D background, minimal coding, trying to find a way to get any kind of result.

My goal is to just view a piece of paper in real life and visualize 3D objects on top of the paper.

For some reason, adding a 3D object to this GUI brings it into a completely separate window where i cannot see it relative to my “2D” image based tracker?

I’m trying to construct a scene where my tracker unlocks the 3D elements, but i’m just having a lot of difficulty. any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m kind of starting from scratch repeatedly so no use asking for my project files. i’m watching tutorials and everyone’s using POD files which are a negative amount of help to me.


Tutorials are the best place to start.

As for the POD files I found there is a plug in for most of the main 3D programes. Just follow the POD page settings and you should be fine,
POD Settings



i downloaded the PowerVRSDK for Mac, but the only “application” type of file included was a .exe file which my mac cannot run, do i really need to use something like WINE to get results from power vr sdk? just seems like it’s completely unusable, i can attach screenshots of what was unzipped when i downloaded the Power VR SDK if needed. honestly it seems like a lot of trouble… is there any way that i can get the results that i want while using simple FBX/OBJ files?


basically, i am seeing no possible way to run this “POD converter plugin”, reading the POD settings/3D model documentation is not helping my issue. I just want to see a 3D object in my scene while seeing a 2D object. or not, i really just want to see a 3D object when i scan the code on my phone. this GUI is such a mess, really driving me up the wall.


I have had luck with OBJ files. Make sure you bring in the obj and the material file (.mtl). When you bring them in it will also ask to associate the textures and then you should be able to place it in your zap. The link below is to the 3D models section in the docs. I found helpful. They used a POD but you can drop an OBJ as well. There are some limitations to the models you can bring in so I would refer to what it says here.

Good Luck.



Thanks for the reply! i’ll try this. I have a simple .OBJ object in my scene now, trying to get it to remain be stationary but also be viewable from different angles. right now it just appears as a static object on the screen


Hey there, have you added a target image to your scene? Once you have a target image and attach the 3d model as a child of the target then you should have the type experience you are looking for.


Hi @jmackay,

I’ve received your support emails but I’ll be replying here in the hope the answer might benefit others as well.

The PVRGeoPOD plugin is also available for MacOS, you can find handy instructions on how to install the plugin to your 3D software on their documentation site.

Alternatively, if you’re having trouble setting up the POD plugin you can use another of Studio’s supported formats. You should also make sure that your models adhere to Studio’s limitations.

Once you’ve imported your 3D model to Studio you can create an instance of it in your scene by dragging its subsymbol definition into the hierarchy.

To be able to view your content in AR you should train your target image in Studio, and attach your content to it.

You can refer to this video for more information on creating an effective tracking image.

Studio also supports both ogg and wav audio formats, which you can export to from within your audio software.

If you’re just starting out with Studio the best place to start is the tutorials section of our documentation site.

They’re designed to introduce you to the tool and include links to download their respective asset packages, some of which include 3D POD files, meaning you can jump straight into the Studio tutorials.

Hope this helps.

All the best,

P.S. Thanks for your help @stevesanerd & @destery :slight_smile:


Thank you, this is definitely apart of what i was looking for.


Hi thank you so much, I am still having trouble with how to actually initialize the POD plugin, but i’ll assume there’s just a learning curve and i’ll figure it out eventually lol…