More properties to Video Player Symbol


I suggest adding the following properties:

  1. loop -> if ticked the video restarts after finish. Maybe add a sub property to specify how many milliseconds after the video finishes it should restart.
  2. speed -> default to 1. 2 the video would play twice as fast, etc.
  3. volume -> default to 1. 2 the video would play twice as loud, etc.
  4. ?..

Loop is easy to do with coding, maybe the others are too. But the point is to add some more commonly seen properties to control the video without a single line of code. For example those 3 can be easily adjusted on youtube and any media player. Of course there are many, many things that could be added, but I think at least these 3 would be a nice QoL improvement. Having to play a video forever happens often for example, it would be nice just having to tick a box to enable or disable it.


Hi @marks,

Thanks for taking the time to create these feature requests, we really appreciate how enthusiastic you are about the platform :slight_smile:

These are definitely great from a UX perspective, so I’ve sent it over to the team to look into.

Thanks again!