Mini Solar System Experience


Hey Guys,

I’ve put together another experience to help inspire you for this competition.

Below you’ll find a video explaining the experience (a mini solar system) as well as the zpp project and a bunch of useful assets for you to use in your competition entries!


A breakdown of the experience and how it’s been put together in Studio.

Links mentioned in the video:


ZapWorks Space Competition (23.7 MB)

This asset pack includes:

  • The Mini Solar System project and tracking image.
  • 3D model pack of planets and spaceships.
  • zpp templates for the bezier circle and off-target prompt.
  • A tracking image without zapcode for you to use in your project.



Buttons or menu that can control a 3d model

Turns out we totally forgot to give you guys Saturn, in case you were desperately missing it here it is - (959.7 KB)