Make a SlideShow


Is it possible to make a slideshow with ZappWorks Studio ?



more details : When we click or press on an image, it goes to the right outside the screen, and the next page arrive from the left, and so on… Like an ebook or slideshow. I used to do that in Flash, javascript… but I don’t know if it’s possible on Zapworks studio


Hi There,

It’s definitely something possible in Studio however you would have to implement it yourself as we have no slideshow templates unfortunately.

Similar functionality is built into the Designer tool however, it might be worth giving that a go if you haven’t already.



Hi, I have done it with Designer. The slideshow works well, but is it possible to have fullscreen images on smartphone ?



Hi @courrier,

Full screen media (images, video etc) is something that requires ZapWorks Studio to implement.

The Designer tool handles the scaling of content automatically as discussed here -



Do you have tutorial to make slideshow on ZapWorks Studio ?



It’s not a tutorial we have currently but we can add it to the list of ones to make in future.

For anyone else reading this who thinks it would be a useful tutorial please mention so below, the more people who want it the more likely it is to happen :slight_smile:



I’d certainly be interested in that. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback guys, I have now added this as a feature request and moved this topic to the feature request section :slight_smile:


Hi guys,

We’ve posted a project showing how to implement an image gallery using Studio: Implementation of an image gallery in Studio.

This might not be exactly what you’re looking for but it may be helpful. :slight_smile: