Location-based experiences


I’m not sure if it’s been requested before, but what is the possibility of providing a GPS location check to zapcodes?

Whether that be, say

  • only allowing experiences to be run when within a proximity of a GPS location, or
  • allowing a scene to be locationally-locked; for example you need scan the tracking image near building A; if you scan the image within range of the location then the scene will progress, otherwise show alternate scene B. (theoretically, multiple scenes could be strung together so you could have a scene C run if in range, and not in range of A or B)

This latter option could open a wider variety of experiences from a single zapcode scan, since each location would be downloaded on the first scan of the zapcode. It could be used for educational purposes, or navigational say on a vast university campus.

If the code zapcode content is updated, then the experience itself could be quite dynamic over say a multi-day event. And again, all still contained within one scan (and download) of the source zapcode.

The GPS location could be included in the Scene properties (or at the high level on the Zapcode properties along with tracking image, background sound, etc).


Any thoughts or plans on this?


This is definitely something we’re looking into it but don’t have a timeframe at this stage.


This can be done if you are using Zappar through Cluekeeper, which is a program set up to make puzzle hunts. Cluekeeper uses Zappar for Augmented Reality experiences, but it also has a GPS function so that puzzles can only be done when in the vicinity of a clue.