Launch Options Don't Load


Just opened the box. All went smoothly, then, after all the calibration, I select Launch, and the only one that loads is Mini-Golf. Although it is cool, it doesn’t work as well as I would hope (I am totally forgiving of new tech, so I enjoy just playing with it).

I work in a school though and would love to show off the Mission to Mars applet(?) as a proof of concept, but it simply says Coming Soon.


Hi There,

We’re looking to release the Mission to Mars and Xylophone experiences shortly but we don’t have an exact ETA on this.

We want the experiences to be as good as possible so are fine-tuning them, keep an eye out on this section of the forum for updates :slight_smile:



hey guys Am facing the same problem. Hope anyone here can help me too.
Thanks in advance. Regards,