Issue loading full experience (on some iOS devices only apparently)



I’m facing a weird issue:
The scene load and plays fine in Desktop debugger, and on Android devices: tested on Huawei P9 and Samsung S5 (Both Android 6.0).
It loads partially on some iOS devices: iPhone X (iOS 11.2.5) and iPad Pro (iOS 10.1.1), although it did run fine previously on an iPhone X.

Already tried restarting, uninstalling and reinstalling on problematic devices with no success!
Is that a common problem, can anyone suggest any steps to take?
New to the platform! Went with Zapworks as it seemed to be the fastest way to get AR out there, we’d appreciate a quick solution!

Screenshots, partial load:

Thank you!


I would send that to them at
I don’t know how fast you hear back with it being the weekend now but it looks like your a business so you may get faster support.



Hi Lauren,

I’ve received your support ticket, thanks for sending that through.

I’ll be contacting you through that channel, as I’ll need your project files.