Interactive 3D model of technical installation


Hey everybody,

We’ve been super busy trying to develop a immersive learning experience with Zapper. So far we were able to produce a interactive learning experience with the use of a 3D model of a steamturbine. User are expected to select the right name for the drains. Also they have an unique chance to look inside the steamturbine something that would otherwise only be possible every 2 to 3 years.

The hurdles we had to overcome

  • Zapstudio (it’s not an easy piece of software)
  • The creation of 3D models and the proper way to bake textures

Things we still would like to see or have to overcome.

  • Project size (our project still is about 70Mb to downloaden with the zappar app)
  • We would love dynamic lightning option

Just a quickpreview I can’t share the live code here.


We used to project to create a flyer. You’'ll find them below so you can play with them.



Hi there,

This is a very cool project! Thank you for sharing the video and your thoughts and feedback.

Dynamic lighting is something we’re looking to implement and will be released in the future.

If you send your final project (.zpp file) to, we can investigate further and suggest potential improvements to make the project size smaller.

We would appreciate any feedback you have about the ZapWorks Studio tool as we are always looking to make improvements.