Importing 3D models from Poly


I was trying to import a .obj file from Google’s Poly library into ZapWorks Studio.

Poly is a collection of free (CC BY) 3D models. They can be downloaded as .obj files (usually). When I import the .obj file into ZapWorks Studio it works, but it has no color. Has anyone played with Poly models to see if there is a way to make them not just be all white???


Hey There,

This is likely to be an issue with the model using materials as opposed to textures (which we don’t currently support in Studio) leading to the lack of color.

Feel free to send us a link to the model you downloaded so we can give it a quick test tun.



I basically have the same question.
I’m trying to make a simple AR experience for our lab Xmas party invitations :smile:
what would be the best way to import an OBJ file while keeping its materials/textures/color?
for example if I want to use this file:
or create my own in google blocks:
what would be the simplest way to import such objects into Zapworks Studio?

Do I have to go through another 3D software (Maya / Max / Blender?) and convert to a POD like described here:
Or is there another simpler way?

It would be really great if we could let people create objects on our VIVE in “Google Blocks” and then import those objects as decorations to our Christmas tree which we will cover with target images :slight_smile:



Hey again, I just tried to follow this tutorial:
And dragged both the .obj and the .mtl file into the studio, but the 3d model still doesn’t render the colors/materials.
Are there any tips when it comes to importing OBJ files downloaded from poly?
see attached screenshot:

Many thanks!


Hi There,

This is the same issue as the initial post, that specific model has its color coming from materials and not textures, materials not being something we support in ZapWorks Studio, leading to the white color.

As mentioned in our limitations article, textures are required. If your download a 3D model, OBJ or otherwise, and there are no textures, then this is a sign it will not work in ZapWorks Studio.



Hi Mark, is this still the same problem now? And if so, how do you create textures?


Hi @sunflowerchocolate,

While ZapWorks Studio now supports materials with multiple texture maps, these must still be linked to the model’s UV (something which I don’t believe Google Poly does).

Texture maps should be created in your 3D software, after UV unwrapping your 3D model.

You can find more information on ZapWorks Studio’s 3D limitations on this article from the 3D section of our documentation site.

Hope this helps.

All the best,

Can not import 3D After Recent Update

Hey Seb, I understand the limitations but can you tell me how I can convert a google poly into something that works on Zapworks by using Blender?


Hey @sunflowerchocolate,

You should be able to import your Google Poly model into Blender (you can refer to their online resources for information on how to do so), and then follow our export guide to export your model from Blender using ZapWorks Studio-compatible settings.



THANK YOU!!:grinning: