How to add multiple "pointerdown" scripts to one object


I’m not a professional developer and can’t completely write complex scripts, but was successfully using those that were described in the tutorial videos, but even some very simple actions won’t work.

For example, I have a button which changes the state of the object from visible to not visible. How can I add more complex actions to the same button? For example, I want a disappeared object to appear back again by tapping on it one more time?

I tried adding an additional script to the same object or to the same script, but nothing seems to work. Need help!

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I’m afraid you will need some scripting! :wink:

One way is to use a variable and execute things depending on its value.
For example:

var isVisible = true;
parent.on("pointerdown", (e) => {

	if(isVisible == true){
	    isVisible = false;
	    isVisible = true;

Of course, instead of true/false, you can use a simple integer (0,1,2,3…) to have any number of states you want…

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