Gyroscope sensor


There is no real debugging. you can publish it from studio and after it’s finished there will be a button to Launch in zapper for windows. from there you can use your mouse to act like touch. test it out.
also in your video you have the iphone button helper on. this maybe doing something. just a guess.



after testing with browser of zapworks studio.
i had this error
internal/process/warning.js:18 (node:17368) [DEP0016] DeprecationWarning: ‘root’ is deprecated, use ‘global’
writeOut @ internal/process/warning.js:18

if you keep testing from browser, you will find the issue i think, and it will not respond to work from the browser.

Please check it , Thank you .


Here is the updated zpp file. please test this in the browser.


Photo-Sphere-Gyroscope v2.zpp (1.3 MB)


Same thing:(…
it not working on both iPhone, desktop browser.

what can we do ?

Thank you for your time.


Maybe it’s your install of studio.

I would uninstall it, reboot, redownload and reinstall.



but it happen also from your test.png
the zapcode you sent me before, it not working on my iphone, in 3 kind of systems it not working .
it published from your system.

Got what i mean ?


can you test it in windows browser and post a photo of the error.


also try this zpp file. It’s where I get the code from.




ok. I see, you can ignore that. It’s how they setup the coding.
Now when the main zapper page is up and you can see the 360 photo use your mouse to click and drag left and right. the photo should move with you.


Actully it not working from both desktop and iphone, if i drag left and right with mouse, it not doing anything, i can not
Change the view with the mouse.
I think there is something that prevent me to click on the plane where is the script to change the view !
You can test from your desktop and depugging, it happen randomly.


ok please try the link I posted to the other zpp file.
It’s the same code that will turn 2 boxes on your screen.


Yes, i checked it .
it work first scan from iPhone and second scan not working at all.


Ok so both my zpp file and the last one do not work for you. Then there is something with your setup.
This one your going to have to talk with the guys at zapper to help.
But I can tell you they will have you uninstall studio and any apps on your iphone and ipad. and reinstall.


i do not think it have to do with zapwork studio, and with my apps .
i reinstalled my app on iphone, and scanned you test.pnp
the 1 you sent me , and it not working also …
there is issue on the zpp files.
can you please depugging from your system, from your browser .
but it may take some time, and then you will see that it not working .


I did. I have no problems at all. and the last zpp file I sent wasn’t my file. so if your having the same problem with both of them it could be the iPhone X and iPad pro and the zapper app. it may have a bug.

Try this. Go to zappers 3d photo feature page. Scan there code and see if it works.
If it doesn’t then it’s you. 3d-photofeature


it work perfectly on my systems iphone and ipad.
i am sure that the problem from the code itslef, becasue it something that happen randomly .


This a new zpp file. all it will do is tell you the X data as you move your finger over the screen in text
Touch Test.zpp (187.8 KB)


it work perfectly , always show me the x numbers.
on both iphone, desktop.
what that mean ?
the issue on the previous code ?


the previous code takes x numbers and doues math to get how much they change.
This is a step by step adding parts till it stops working.
Try the next level

Touch Testver2.zpp (188.1 KB)