Free 3D Models to use in Studio


We’ve created an updated library of free 3D models on our documentation including all the models you see here and more.

Here are a few 3D models that we have created over the years at Zappar HQ. Feel free to download them and play around with them as you learn ZapWorks Studio.

Download the Free 3D Models

Goalkeeper (includes animations)

Download the Goalkeeper


Download ZapBot

Spray Can

Download the Spray Can


Download the Frame


Download the Football


Download the Goalpost

Scrap the Dog

Download Scrap the Dog


Download Wizard ZapBot

Zappar Bunny

Download Zappar Bunny

Dave Dinosaur

Download Dave the Dinosaur


Download the TV

This article shows you how to Import 3D Models into Studio

If you have any models of your own that you are happy for other users to play with, do let us know!