Error on opening multiple instances of Studio



This started appearing on 5.0.14-stable whenever I open up another instance of Studio. Used to work fine.



Hey @slothling,

Thanks to you and @marks for mentioning this, though this is something we’re aware of.

We recommend only having a single instance of Studio open at any one time to avoid any possible issues, such as the server error from your screenshot.

All the best,


Hay @Seb
Like the others I will open more then one as well not to post things but to check or copy some coding. I can’t tell you how many times I did it with my space entry.



Hey @Seb

Is it possible to add this to a request-list? I’d like to open a second instance for the same reason @stevesanerd is mentioning; to check and copy some code. The way we suppose to do this now is highly inefficient.



Hey Ferdy,

Hope you’ve been well.

We agree that the current workflow can be a bit cumbersome, which is why our team has been working on multi-window support, which will be available in Studio 6! :smiley:

We don’t have any other information to share at the moment unfortunately, but be on the lookout for further updates on the forum.

All the best,