Drag without following camera


The 3D photo feature template has a bot that you can drag around, rotate and scale. But the bot always follows the camera, I’d like to be able to do all that but without it following the camera. Is there some easy way to change the template to accomplish this? Thanks.


Hi There,

Can you clarify what you mean when you say ‘following the camera’?



Hm, so…you know when you have a 360 video or image, you have to rotate your phone to see the image. If you have a dog there you need to rotate the phone to find the dog. With the template the object I want to drag, rotate, scale, is always on the screen. I want it to stay in a fixed part of the video/image, so when I rotate the phone it gets out of view or in view, like the rest of the scenario.


Ahh I understand now thanks.

So the photofeature object (onScreenObject) is relative to Z.camera for the purposes of being able to rotate it within a 3D space.

If you want your manipulatable object to act like in a panorama then you simply need to place it within a attitude orient group node in the Hierarchy like the photosphere object is in the panorama example.


@Mark unfortunately, doing that messes up the controllers, I don’t know why…could you send a simple example zpp?

I just noticed something, if you launch in zappar for windows it doesn’t mess with the controllers, it only happens on the phone. It works fine for both if I leave it outside the attitude orient group. Here’s a screen shot of the setup:

Thank you.

Apply group properties to node that was removed from said group

Hi There,

Having spoke to the creator of the template it appears that it was not designed to work within an attitude orient node and would require significant altering to get it working.

I’ve passed this onto the platform team as a feature request.



Thanks Mark! Ideally we should be able to do that with multiple objects on the screen.