Convert 3D object with animation to POD not working



I’m started exploring around, making my own 3D object in Photoshop and export them in .obj. And then I successfully convert them into a POD file which can be displayed in Zappar.

But when I add an animation in the Photoshop 3D file there is happening something but the video is not displaying at all. When I preview the POD in PVRShaman, I can press the play button for the animation but it is just not showing anything.

Could you help me, how to export it from Photoshop to make it visible as an animation?
Just like you did with your POD-example robot.

Thank you,


ZapWorks Studio: Importing 3D models from Adobe Stock

Hey Richard,

Thanks for your message, great to hear that you are looking to import models into Studio.

It sounds to me like the problem you are encountering is that the OBJ file format does not support animations. If your model has a rig and you have built in animations then I would recommend exporting it as an FBX.

Let me know if that doesn’t resolve the problem.



Hey Chris,

Thanks for your reaction!
I’m afraid I can’t export it as an FBX in Photoshop, the only available formats are; Collada DAE, Flash 3D, Google Earth 4 KMZ, U3D and Wavefront | OBJ.

But when I tried to preview the POD in PVRShaman, the tool did recognise the video because it let me play the animation (was exactly the duration I made it in Photoshop). But it was just blank, nothing happened, unfortunately.

Could you explain to me how you created and exported the animation for the example_pob robot (where he waves his hand)? That will probably make a lot clear for me.



Hey Richard,

One thing to note, Photoshop primarily is not a 3D animation tool let alone a 3D tool. My colleagues in the 3D team have never tried to export something in this manner, so would have to spend time on re-creating your process to figure out what has gone wrong. Of the formats that you mentioned, DAE can carry animation data, so that would be your best bet.

The team would normally create the character in 3DS Max, Maya or Blender so if it is possible for you to use any of these tools then your process will become a lot closer to our own and we will be in a better place to advise.



Collada DAE supports animation, then use the free DAE coverter to FBX. That may help. G


You should be able to dowload the converter from Autodesk