Connect Users movement with shown content



right now we are struggeling to find a way to make the 3D content change depending on how the user is moving. For example: The kid stands in front of the table and can see a ball. As it starts moving the ball changes to a cube. So the change of the form is depending on the motion of the child.
Is this possible with ZapWorks?

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I can see a lot of ways to do this but first I guess I need to know is your 3D content. You have an example for a ball to a cube. If you have an animated 3D model you could then use time lines. If it’s 2 3d models you could use states to change from one model to the next. As for the making it change I would use a Raycaster and some math.

Raycaster Overview



It will be a 3D animation that should be connected to the movement of the kid.
The struggle is that sadly we are no big coders…