Compose Email Issue


Description: On certain devices the compose email option does not correctly open the mailing options.

Affecting: Widgets, Designer

Workaround: In Designer you can use the “Link To” action of certain content types (e.g. Button) along with a mailto link to trigger your devices mail dialogue. Make sure to tick “Open in external browser” to ensure this works.



Hi Mark,
Thanks for sharing this wokaround. I have tried to use but couldn’t make it work. I selected “Link to” for my button, ticked the 'open in external browser" and copy pasted “Send Mail” in the box. Then when clicking on the box nothing happens… Could you please help? Is there something I would be doing wrong?
Thanks in advance,


Hi Martin,

Are you pasting the mailto link directly into the link box?

Hyperlinking the “Send Mail” text will probably not work.



Hey Martin,

In addition to what was mentioned before it seems that your subject Hello Again has a space in it which is not a valid character when using the mailto link. You need to replace spaces with %20 so it would read Hello%20Again.

Here is another useful resource for mailto links -

Hope this helps :slight_smile:




I tried to fix the email issue. I can’t find the “open in external browser” option in the Designer.
Please help.

Thank you.


Hey Willis,

The option is located within the actions panel with your button selected




I am trying to use the email function. I only see the “open in external browser” option in the “link to” function.
Is this what I am supposed to be using for the email?

Thank you,




The email option in this case is the known issue and the workaround is to use the “link to” option as mentioned in the first post :slight_smile:



Hey Mark,
Thanks for your answer. I have been trying again and could not succeed though. When clicking on the button nothing happens. I am pasting exactly this in the link bar : “Send Mail
Thanks in advance for you help.


Hey Martin,

Please send us the URL to your experience to and we’ll take a closer look at your exact implementation from there :slight_smile: